Carbonamine – Green Technology for the Coatings Industry 

Solvent free Carbonamineᵀᴹ Technology utilising CO₂

Carbonamine is an environmentally friendly terpolymer coating that is made with a new, patented technology that combines the durability of polyurea/polyaspartic coatings with a product that is made with waste carbon dioxide. 

The new CARBONAMINE technology not only utilises CO2 but eliminates the necessity to use solvent and also increases the durability of the coating. 


Carbonamine Rapid Primer

Carbonamines performance characteristics include excellent durability, flexibility and abrasion resistance. 


Dive Foods

Outstanding adhesion to various substrates, from aluminium and steel to concrete. 


Carbonamine Prime

100% Solvent Free Application.  Contains up to 18% CO2.

Carbonamine CO2 Solvent Free

Carbonamine – a unique coating made with new patented technology combining the durability of polyurea/polyaspartic with an ingredient made from waste carbon dioxide – is now available to manufacturers seeking to create cost-effective, solvent-free, environmentally friendly coating products.

This novel technology allows the inclusion of up to 18% of waste carbon dioxide, reducing CO2 discharge to the atmosphere. Carbonamine does not contain expensive low-viscosity isocyanates, meaning that coatings can be produced at a reduced cost.


The options for producing a range of coating types using Carbonamine are significant. Applications range from concrete and anti-corrosion primers to UV-resistant top coats, clear floor varnish for protecting decorative systems, and more.